Introducing Seattle Battle Opera

The GameClucks FGC Monthly has a new name and a new partner. Introducing Seattle Battle Opera, a Red Bull Proving Grounds event!

GameClucks and other major event organizers across the country have teamed up with Red Bull to send 16 of the best Street Fighter V players from across the country to compete at the Red Bull Studios at Red Bull HQ in Santa Monica to compete to show off their skill, $5,000, and a spot in the open bracket at the Capcom Pro Tour stop at Red Bull Battle Grounds.

Three players will be sent from the Pacific Northwest to be determined at the following monthlies

– June 18th
– July 9th
– August 13th
– September 10th

Registration is available now on In addition to SFV, there will also be tournaments for UMvC3, GGXrdR, BBCPEX, KI, and MKX. For frequently asked questions and to interact with attendees, check out our Facebook event page. For more information on Red Bull Proving Grounds and the Capcom Pro Tour North America at Red Bull Battle Grounds, visit their page on the Red Bull website.