Q: Where and when does this event occur?

Northwest Majors IX takes place April 7-9 at Highline College. For more information, check out our dedicated Travel/Accommodations page

Q: Are wireless pads allowed?

No, with three exceptions. On PS3, you may use a MadCatz Wireless Fightpad because the controller does not actually sync to the system.

Additionally, for PS3 you are allowed to use the Dualshock 4 Controller with the system.

On Xbox 360, you may use a wireless pad ONLY if you connect it via a Play & Charge cable and no Battery.

Otherwise, wireless controllers are not allowed.

Q: Will there be a free play area?

As each tournament progresses, we will be opening up stations for free play as they become available.

Q: Is there a fee for just casuals?

Yes, both require a paid badge. Registration will be open all three days for those who with to register for casuals and/or side events.

Q: Is there a fee for spectators?

We do not charge attendees who are there to spectate only. Please feel free to bring your friend, coworkers, and/or partner to witness the event.

Q: What monitors will be used?

Only BenQ and ASUS LCD monitors are allowed in order to guarantee consistent performance for tourney entrants. If you own a BenQ or ASUS monitor and are willing to lend it to us for the weekend, please let us know via Facebook, Twitter, or email at registration@northwestmajors.com.

Q: May I take photos/videos at the event?

Yes, provided it does not interfere with official media coverage. When taking photos of players who are engaged in a match, flash photography is prohibited!

Q: I have a PS2 pad, will there be converters available for me to connect to a PS3 or 360

A: There will not be any converters available.  If you need a converter for either system, one of the following will work

INPIN PS2 to PS3 Converter

XTOKKI 360 Converter

Q:  I have a Cronus adapter for my Arcade Stick/Pad/other input device.  May I use it?

A: As of this moment, all Cronus and Cronus MAX adapters are banned.  Pending testing, ConsoleTuner’s Titan One is softbanned.